As an enthusiast...

Unofficial stat additions are currently being beta tested. In it's current phase you can easily manage your unofficial stats from this website as well as view any official stats you may have accumulated at Official Escape Games Global locations.

We'll be in the app store in the coming months with a much more accessible solution to those of you who would rather use an app to access and manage your information.

As a business owner...

If you'd like to join the Escape Games Network and provide Official stats to your customers and the world, you can go to the Escape Games Global site to get a deeper understanding of our software's feature list, until then, here are a few Escape Games Global subscription features that may peak your interest:

Escape Games Global

So many features for such a small cost

  • Achievement System
  • Waiver System
  • Automated Team Photo Facebook Uploads
  • Automated Team Photo Website Uploads
  • Automated Leaderboards
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Automated Game Reviews
  • Advanced Metrics to run business
  • Escape Times on your Team Photos
  • Integrates nicely into your existing website
  • Additional Service: Automated Text Messaging
  • Featured on Escape Games Global Stats website
  • All for $50 a month (for 3 games)
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