Frequently Asked Questions

Where does all of this data come from?

Primarily from escape game businesses using the Escape Games Global software but also from enthusiasts that want to keep track of their amazing escape prowess!

What is the difference between Unofficial games and Official games?

Using our software you can add your own games and the places in which you play do not even have to use the Escape Games Global software! The problem is, you can add anything. You can say you've played 300 escape games by only yourself and you escaped within 5 minutes time for each. So being that people can falsify their data, we consider that an "Unofficial" game.

Conversely, if the venue is using the Escape Games Global software, their staff will be doing the updating to the website rather than you. That being the case, those games will be considered "Official" games because they were added by a sanctioned Escape Games Global official store.

A further distinction between the two types of games is that unofficial games reward very few achievement points while official games reward considerably more.

What does the Escape Games Global software do?

Well, it has a great deal of features and you can read about them at the Escape Games Global website but for the purpose of this site, the Escape Games Global software rewards players with achievements for completing escape games. It is used by escape game stores across the world and gives their players more interesting information due to it's unique tracking capabilities.

I've played tons of escape games before but they aren't showing up in my profile, what gives?

Even if you've played at an official store, the Escape Games Global software can only track you if you participating in it's use and the store you played at concludes your game successfully.

In the event htat you don't see some of your previous games, simply add your own unofficial games and they will show up in your profile.

What do I get if I'm the current leader on the leaderboards?

Presitege. Glory. All the dates you can ask for on a Friday night! We're on the edge of the revolution. A revolution where escape games turn into competitors and start a whole different industry that will move escape games forward. By becoming a pillar in our competitive escape game community, you will be in the crosshairs to every tournemnt and competition that may come later down the road.

Is there a fee to become a member of this site?

Hell no! While we might provide premium services at a later date, we want everyone to have as much access to be competitive as everyone else.